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I think I will start by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  It is something to do with working in education but I always feel that there are two Christmases each year (and I am never ready for either one!)  The school Christmas starts at the end of November when the rehearsals begin for the shows and the odd strain of Christmas music escapes from the hall or the music room.  This is always quickly followed by the arrival of the Christmas trees for school and the excitement of dressing them and putting up the decorations.  It is sometimes difficult to remember that this is not always a happy time for everyone but this was bought home by the charity event we ran on Friday 4th December.  The pupils arranged the event and raised more than £330. A huge well done goes to all the pupils who took part and everyone who supported us. The school council decided to donate to Cancer Research and Muscular Dystrophy.

Last Friday we had Christmas dinner, and delicious it was too, and this week will be manic no doubt. Looking around the hall as we served lunch I can honestly say I hadn’t realised how many different Christmas jumpers and t-shirts were available to buy!  Even Mr Trundley had managed to find one and it didn’t say ‘Bah Humbug’ which is his usual approach.  Well done to everyone who decorated their own top as well, some were beautiful, some very bright and some flashed with coloured lights.  An amazing sight and the pupils were very excited closely followed by the staff!!  We have the show Cinderella going on Wednesday and Thursday but the setting up of the hall and dress rehearsal will be on going from Monday.  If you are intending to watch the show please make sure you have reserved a seat as it can get very full.

This week will be very different for     another reason as well.  On Thursday     Mrs Laywood will be retiring from Northgate School.  Mrs Laywood has been the Head of Mathematics for six years having joined the school in 2009.  We wish her every happiness in her retirement and I would like to personally thank her for all her hard work and commitment to the school. Ms Hadley will be taking on the role of Head of Maths from January and has been working alongside Mrs Laywood in preparation.  We have appointed a new class teacher, Mrs Lee, who will be joining us from January 2016. Mrs Lee has a background in special needs teaching and we welcome her to the team.

For those staff and parents who remember when Mr Trevor Clay was the Head Teacher of Northgate School I am pleased to say we have received a Christmas card from him wishing all the staff and pupils a Merry Christmas.  The last time he was in touch he had been quite ill and it was good to hear he is feeling better.  He enclosed four photographs taken before the school expanded.  Originally the school took pupils from age 7 years so the pupils look very young but the strangest thing is the view out of the classroom windows that show pupils playing on what is now the car park at the side of the school and a playing field beyond the DT classroom which is now the other half of the school. A little bit of history which I will add to our archive.

There seems to be a mountain of paperwork to be completed before the end of the week and then the second Christmas can begin. I am not expecting snow over the holiday so I think the sledge can stay in the garage for another year.  We start back to school on Tuesday 5th January.

It remains for me to say have a wonderful break and keep yourselves safe. See you next year.

Shez Webb


.Christmas newsletter 2015

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